WILLKOMMEN, IHR KINDER DES LICHTS! I hope you brought enough Starbucks for the rest of the interns.

Scribbled this up real quick to say HI, NEW LIGHTNING FLIGHT KIDS! I’m Marissa, lair #22598, and the resident crazy Stormcatcher lady. Hopefully I’ll have time to draw for myself soon so I can prove that to you.

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drew my skydancer babe i bought last night all grown up!! so excited!!!

need to save up to get gembond gene bc AAAAA GEM DRAGONS ARE MY FAVE!!!!

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((I know I kind of went a different way with portraying how the wayfarers would show the element they have but

I would like to think that when they are channeling their element, they embody some of the characteristics of the God presiding over that element. In Ruta’s case, it would be the God of Wind, Windsinger!

I choose Wind as his element because those dragons are known as joyful, carefree, and very friendly. And really, Ruta is friendly incarnate.))

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Look at how fearsome and terrifying this chubby baby dragon is! That bubble must be so scared. 

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grats on your free familiars

How to get them? they randomly drop from the coliseum, gathering, from loot boxes from loving your familiar(s) or digging, and sometimes get lucky from Pinkerton’s Pile!


What if new people on Flight Rising were called fledglings

Fresh meat

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atka my skydancer female and my faaaaaaaaaaav dragon babby 


feel free to add me on flight rising my username is goldylawks uvu!!!!

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3k visiting FR online? holy crap!


… errr hello new FR members….