Coli, can you stop fucking freezing whenever I FUCKING WIN BATTLES.

yeah does the same thing to me

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Magical Might Fragment

I need a few

I will purchase them at a reasonable price

Hclark #6442


I am going to sleep, but I had a great time at gainstrive's stream tonight!

Gain was kind enough to draw my Coatl Coccino, and he’s absolutely perfect. :D

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Interesting that I sold my breedable adult dragons so fast.

1) Skydancer female with Magenta Iridescent/Red Eye Spots/Magenta Gembond for 15k treasure

2) TRIPLE COLOR Skydancer female with Magenta Iridescent/Magenta Shimmer/Magenta Gembond for 25k treasure!

3) Spiral male with Stonewash Tiger/Stonewash Shimmer/Steel Gembond for 15k treasure!


Self-pleasure by echinoderma


Self-pleasure by echinoderma

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holy shitfucker a boolean just sold on the goddamn AH for 375k gems what the actual

holy shit!

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and so, my Flight Rising adventures continue…

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Cydonia is still my little shiny princess

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